About us

About us

Since 2010 the company invested in environmental sustainability, green energy and the first in Lithuania to install the most advanced, with sunny tracker system, photovoltaic solar electrics park.


In 2018 the company continued its environmental activities and pursued the Greenfield Investment project in order to make our living environment more clean for us and our children – built and fully equipped a used tire recycling plant capable of recycling 5000 tons of tire waste per year, producing various rubber products.


From 2019 January 10th we start accepting various sizes of used tires which will be recycled and fully repaired. For those who provided us with tires, we issue all the documents proving their acceptance and arrangement.


The main products produced by the company are whole truck tyre reclaimed rubber or devulcanised rubber, which is again used in the production of new tires, conveyor belts, rubberised electrical cables, rubber pressure hoses, industrial rubber tubes, various rubber compounds and is generally used as an additive in natural rubber or a complete replacement.


We invite you to contribute to all of our common goals of nature conservation.